About Us

Who we are
Since 1914, Abbot Hall was the meeting place for a congregation of local men and women who come together as a Christian church to worship and serve God, to enjoy fellowship together, to teach God's Word, the Bible, and to witness and reach out to the local community with the message of the Gospel. In November 2019, the congregation moved to new premises in the former Headwell Community Church.
We have called our new building Headwell Gospel Hall. We are in Headwell Avenue and our aim and responsibility is to make the Gospel
We are an independent evangelical church, we have no minister or pastor - but are led by a small group of elders. The preaching and teaching is done by our own lay-preachers and by visiting speakers from churches and fellowships similar to ours from across central Scotland - and occasionally further afield.
We observe in simplicity two ordinances in the Bible which were commanded by the Lord Jesus for His followers. These are .....

Baptism by immersion for those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Remembrance of the Lord Jesus, on the first day of the week, remembering especially His Death on the Cross for us. Sometimes such a service is called Communion, the Lord's Supper, the Eucharist  or simply the Breaking of Bread. The Lord is remembered - His Life and Death is commemorated - in the symbolic breaking and eating bread and drinking of wine until He comes again.

We hold regular meetings in Headwell Gospel Hall, together with other activities -  a Coffee Morning, Parents' & Toddlers. We also support a Recording Ministry which produces CD's for the blind, the housebound and missionaries. We also support Christian workers and Christian ministries operating in the UK and throughout the world.